Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rep. Peter Barca: State GO has created both ethics and jobs crises Do as say not as I do

Barca thinks we forget his mafia connections and the ethics issues with Doyle and jambois working for Dennis Troha not the people. just like scooter working for David Koch. Troha was the largest campaign donor to Most democratic Wisconsin legislatures. Doyle was indicted on this. Also using state lawyer jambois as Troha`s personal attorney on the states dime. The Wisconsin Assembly fall legislative session began this week under an ethical cloud while Republicans continue to ignore the urgent need to focus on jobs for Wisconsin families. Even though the Assembly had not met since June, Republicans failed to move forward on a strong jobs agenda to help Wisconsin recover from its dismal jobs performance. Since Gov. Walker’s first budget passed two years ago, Wisconsin went from five straight quarters of being among the top half of states in job growth to seven straight quarters in the bottom half. Democratic leaders have been asking Republican leaders to take up our jobs bills for more than two years and to work with us on middle-class jobs — yet they still refuse to act. Republicans voted down two Democratic jobs bills this week that have been collecting dust for two years. These bills would have made equity investment capital available for small businesses and offered a tax refund to those who invest in Wisconsin startups. But Republicans have been very concerned and acted with urgency on one issue — trying to hide the brewing scandal surrounding their abuse of the Department of Natural Resources grant process. Republicans steered taxpayer money meant for hunting heritage to a well-connected group with political allies but with no experience in hunter training. It’s time to get to the bottom of how the United Sportsmen grant passed despite numerous red flags brought up by Gov. Scott Walker’s own DNR staff and clear up the questions that have gone unanswered. And it’s time to get serious about working in a bipartisan fashion on jobs. Wisconsin Republicans have caused an ethical crisis AND a jobs crisis — and they refuse to adequately address either one. The people of Wisconsin want to see some urgency on both fronts. Rep. Peter Barca is the minority leader of the Wisconsin Assembly. Read more:

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