Sunday, October 13, 2013

Rep. Peter Barca: State GO has created both ethics and jobs crises Do as say not as I do

Barca thinks we forget his mafia connections and the ethics issues with Doyle and jambois working for Dennis Troha not the people. just like scooter working for David Koch. Troha was the largest campaign donor to Most democratic Wisconsin legislatures. Doyle was indicted on this. Also using state lawyer jambois as Troha`s personal attorney on the states dime. The Wisconsin Assembly fall legislative session began this week under an ethical cloud while Republicans continue to ignore the urgent need to focus on jobs for Wisconsin families. Even though the Assembly had not met since June, Republicans failed to move forward on a strong jobs agenda to help Wisconsin recover from its dismal jobs performance. Since Gov. Walker’s first budget passed two years ago, Wisconsin went from five straight quarters of being among the top half of states in job growth to seven straight quarters in the bottom half. Democratic leaders have been asking Republican leaders to take up our jobs bills for more than two years and to work with us on middle-class jobs — yet they still refuse to act. Republicans voted down two Democratic jobs bills this week that have been collecting dust for two years. These bills would have made equity investment capital available for small businesses and offered a tax refund to those who invest in Wisconsin startups. But Republicans have been very concerned and acted with urgency on one issue — trying to hide the brewing scandal surrounding their abuse of the Department of Natural Resources grant process. Republicans steered taxpayer money meant for hunting heritage to a well-connected group with political allies but with no experience in hunter training. It’s time to get to the bottom of how the United Sportsmen grant passed despite numerous red flags brought up by Gov. Scott Walker’s own DNR staff and clear up the questions that have gone unanswered. And it’s time to get serious about working in a bipartisan fashion on jobs. Wisconsin Republicans have caused an ethical crisis AND a jobs crisis — and they refuse to adequately address either one. The people of Wisconsin want to see some urgency on both fronts. Rep. Peter Barca is the minority leader of the Wisconsin Assembly. Read more:

These Murders were awarded and still walk the streets because of jambois. This was a gangland execution.

jambois is now Wis. Dem. Peter Barca`s chief of staff. Jambois Protected four executioners. Is Barca in the same mafia as jambois ? The four killers mentioned below still patrol our streets because of jamboi`s criminal acts. Youetube has many videos on this. The Michael bell blog has videos and documentation showing Jambois falsified evidence, hid evidence, and made many statements that were proven false by the forensic evidence. The Kenosha County district attorney declined to charge the officers, and says they acted with "courage and distinction." The only person responsible for Michael Bell’s death, District Attorney Robert J. Jambois says, is Michael Bell. Bell’s family members won’t accept that. They waged a grass-roots campaign to stop Jambois — district attorney for 16 years — from being elected a judge. They paid $80,000 for ads about the case in newspapers around the country, including The New York Times. They spend their weekends leafleting cars, hoping that if they raise enough awareness, something will change. The officers, who declined to be interviewed for this story, later told Jambois that Bell had grabbed the weapon, still holstered, and moved it from the officer’s hip to the front of the officer’s body. If he’d fired the gun, the bullet could have severed the officer’s femoral artery, causing him to bleed to death in minutes, Jambois said. "No, he doesn’t have your gun," Shantae remembers screaming. "Please don’t hurt him. Please don’t kill him. He doesn’t have your gun." A different officer pressed his gun barrel to Bell’s temple. His lieutenant yelled, "Shoot!" The gun went off. Bell fell. His mother fell, too. "I’m crawling. I couldn’t stand up," Kim Bell said. "I wanted to go over to him, but they wouldn’t let me." The family’s notice of claim against the city — a precursor to a civil lawsuit — says the officers pulled over the vehicle and tried to arrest Bell without probable cause. The officers’ use of Tasers and the pain they inflicted caused Bell to run from them, escalating the situation, the family says. When Michael Bell was shot, he was pinned against the hood of a car with his arms behind his back, according to their claim. Tests from the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory reveal no evidence of Bell’s DNA on the gun, according to a lab report obtained by the family’s attorney, Patrick Dunphy. Within days of the shooting, Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Wade ruled it justified. Within weeks, Jambois reached the same conclusion. "There is no jury who would convict these officers," he said. "You do not have the right to fight with a cop. Nobody does." When the Bell family questioned Jambois’ decision, he sent a box of materials about the shooting to state Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager. She sent it back, saying she doesn’t have the authority to second-guess him. Campaigning against Jambois In the view of Bell’s family, that’s a problem. The elder Michael Bell, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, said when a military plane crashes, there’s an independent investigation. "The hope is that they’ll be able to identify a problem and identify a solution so it doesn’t happen again," he said. He thinks the criminal justice system should take the same approach with police shootings, with objective experts reviewing the facts, and he is pushing for a state law that would require it. Officers also need more training about when it’s appropriate to use Tasers and when they should use lethal force, he said. The Bell family said building public support for a new law and for retraining is the main reason for the publicity campaign, but there are others. The newspaper ads were a form of protest against the officers’ awards. The leaflets started out as a plea to legislators, then evolved into campaign literature when Jambois ran for Circuit Court judge. "I wouldn’t want him to make a life-altering decision if I was in front of him," Shantae Bell wrote in the fliers, which encouraged voters to reject Jambois as judge. Jambois lost the April election. He said he isn’t sure if the leaflets were a factor, but he acknowledged that his political fortunes in Kenosha County have changed in recent months. "I think I would have preferred to have won. I don’t like losing things," he said. "Maybe if I wouldn’t have had to make decisions about four officer-involved shootings . . . that election may have turned out differently." Although Jambois hasn’t had an opponent in a district attorney race in several years, he said he hasn’t yet decided whether he’ll run again in 2006. If he does, Kim and Shantae Bell plan to campaign against him. Jambois says he doesn’t blame them. "What they saw was incomprehensibly awful for them. To see a person they loved shot right in front of them," he said. "If it gives them some measure of peace . . . to go after me, then God bless them. I hope they find peace." Kenosha Officers Strausbaugh, Weidner, and Gonzales will receive the Meritorious Award for an incident involving a Kenosha man who fled police during a field sobriety test. On November 9, 2004, a 21-year-old Kenosha man’s history of police resistance culminated in a five-minute struggle that ended with the subject being wounded fatally. During the struggle, the suspect tried to commandeer Officer Strausbaugh’s weapon. As the suspect tried to pull Officer Strausbaugh’s gun from his holster, Strausbaugh put his own hand on the holster and pushed down. Officers Strausbaugh and Weidner continued to struggle with the suspect, who had been stunned with a Taser twice but continued to resist. The officers called for the suspect to be stunned again but it did not deter him. The suspect rose up and bull-rushed Officer Strausbaugh and put him up against a car. Officer Gonzales saw this and heard Strausbaugh yell “He’s got my gun!” Gonzales yelled, “Straus, does he still have your gun?” Gonzales put his gun to the suspect’s head ready to fire as the suspect continued to resist. Gonzales’ gun jammed and he pulled the firearm back. As he went to put it back to the suspect’s head, the gun went off. At nearly the same time, Kenosha Police Lieutenant David Krueger, who was also on the scene, gave an order to shoot. All three officers are commended for their bravery, unselfish teamwork, and outstanding use of their training. Todays these killers still patrol kenosha streets.Krueger , David Kenosha Police Department Police Captain $109,772 2012 Morrissey , John Kenosha Police Department Police Chief $115,109 2012 But Deputy Attorney General Daniel P. Bach said Thursday in a letter that "investigations of shootings, whether done by the police or others, are the exclusive authority of the district attorney." The family of Michael E. Bell, 21, of Kenosha, has claimed that officers acted improperly in the Nov. 9 scuffle that ended with him dead from a gunshot to the head, and that a review by District Attorney Robert Jambois clearing the officers was tainted by the prosecutor's connections to local police. Jambois said Thursday he "would welcome the attorney general's office to take this, and any other hot potato they want to take, off my plate. I would be happy to have the attorney general's office review this case any way they want to review it. I invite them to." The district attorney made his request one day after Michael M. Bell asked Gov. Jim Doyle to conduct an independent review into the death of his son. But Melanie Fonder, a spokeswoman for Doyle, said the governor has no authority to call for an investigation. Bach commented in a letter to Assembly Minority Leader Jim Kreuser, D-Kenosha, who had sent a letter to the Justice Department asking it to investigate the shooting. The deputy attorney general added in his letter that on certain rare occasions the Justice Department has agreed to review police shootings, "primarily because the district attorney's office has identified a specific conflict of interest and not already done its own review." Bach said the department had advised a member of the Bell family in February that the department had no authority to investigate. The letter to Kreuser said the Justice Department has not offered to review the case. "Frankly, I do not understand why the district attorney would make such a request as he deemed the matter so clear-cut that he did not see the need for a coroner's inquest," Bach said in the letter. On November 9, 2004, four officers were involved in shooting Bell in the head at his home in front of his mother and sister after a traffic stop of unknown reason. Bell was 21. Kenosha Police conducted their investigation and cleared themselves in two days. The Bell family asked District Attorney Robert Jambois for a coroners inquest and was denied. After his review, DA Jambois found the shooting justified. Jambois said "He will not schedule a coronor`s inquest because there is sufficient evidence to conclude the incedent was justifiable homicide" After an investigation, Kenosha County District Attorney Robert Jambois determined that the officers had acted appropriately. Jambois said the officers did not deserve the negative publicity they have received. "I'm going to take out an ad myself," Jambois said. "I don't know if I can afford it, but I have to respond" Bell's family, however, won a $1.75 million settlement in March after filing a lawsuit that accused the officers of excessive force and civil rights violations. Although Strausbaugh did not pull the trigger, he conducted the initial traffic stop of Bell, forced him to the ground and stunned him with a Taser, according to the lawsuit. Strausbaugh also was one of two officers restraining Bell when a third officer shot him in the head at close range, the suit says. In the years since the shooting, Michael M. Bell has waged a publicity campaign including a website and billboards calling for an independent commission to review all fatal police shootings in the state. Just last week, state Rep. Peter Barca (D-Kenosha), majority caucus chairman, responded in a letter to the elder Bell. Barca has asked the nonpartisan state Legislative Council to research the law surrounding the issue of fatal police shootings, according to the letter, dated Oct. 26,2010 . Peter Barca asked the FEDS for an investigation . This investigation was needed because robert jambois still says the killing was justified. Jambois was a prosicuting attorney and the score card means everything. He was looking for bigger and better job for his actions. jambois thought there would be something in it for him. Jambois was known for his fantisy therys. Which is bolstering a criminal act in Wisconsin. Jambois felt if he admitted the cops were killers some how the legitamacy of the system he was king of would be undermind.

Jambois Killed , Raped and Tortured all i the name of Money.

If not for citizen united Scott Walker, Peter Barca and Robert Jambois would be no more than a pimples on David Koch`s rear. Walker and Jambois in 1995 joined Koch industries and then championed truth in sentencing. This has cost Wisconsin taxpaers over 100 billion Dollars. Now Wisconsin has more people per capita in jail than anywhere in the world. More Native American`s and Blacks in jail because of Bigot judges District attorneys working on conviction rates for persoanla and agency advancment. It has made many milionaires. Like with Jambois and his Killing machine. Eevrytime they MURDER inncocent people Jambois would get them National awards.